Why Derma Cleanse For Acne
Why ZENMED for acne

Those that suffer from acne have all looked for a quick fix. Over the counter creams and  face washes that will help take away those embarrassing bumps or dirty pores. The question is, will these products be effective over time and help to prevent future breakouts? The question is often asked, “How you can get such amazing results from a product, but soon be let down.” The answer is simple, your skin is rebounding.  
Some of the medications found in these treatments are harsh to the skin and only treats the superficial symptoms of acne. Your body continues to produce natural oils to counteract these harsh chemicals and the rebounding process begins. In some cases, the body produces even more oil than originally to compensate for what was stripped away. Products like alcohol, benzoyl peroxide, and sulfur can’t treat the cause of acne. ZENMED offers products that do.  
ZENMED’s cleansing formulations in Derma Cleanse are created for long term care. All of their formulas are based on the exfoliating qualities of alpha and beta hydroxy acids that help prevent the skin cells from building up in the first place. When these skin cells are blocked, the formations of pimples are blocked as well. That means that the treatments received from ZENMED treats all steps of the acne cycle. With this full treatment, it is preventing it, clearing away the forming and existing pimples quicker and healing any discoloration or damage caused. It is best to always wash your face at night since this is the time when your skin is restoring itself.  
It is important to treat the condition correctly and quickly so to shorten the 2 to 3 week cycle and aid in the prevention of pimples and scarring. Acne is not curable, but it is manageable. Diet, contending with the difficulties of stress in effective ways, following a skin care regimen and just living a healthier life is important to the management. ZENMED has products that will help.  
With ZENMED you will receive irritant-free formulas that are produced specifically for sensitive or troubled skin. They are high in potency, meaning that they are pharmaceutical or prescription strength medicines. They are physician tested and 100% doctor formulated. All the products offered by ZENMED are naturally based and made with ingredients that help the bodies cell renewal process.  
The Derma Cleanse line is marketed for use twice a day. If there is any irritation a slower approach is recommended. Each person’s situation is different and treatment will differ. ZENMED can help by combining products that are specific to a patients’ needs. Their lines of products are created for all skin types and all ages. You should start seeing results with 3 days of use with peak results in 3 to 4 weeks. Derma Cleanse is effective for long term results.  
ZENMED has been selling and helping people with acne since 1999. The products are shipped to you in full size bottles with a 100% money back guarantee. Since the bottles are not sample sized, they will last between 2 and 4 months depending on usage.