Acne information

Formation of a pimpleAcne is defined as an inflammatory disease involving the sebaceous glands known more commonly as pores. Pores are defined as clogs of dead skin cells that are collected during the bodies processing of regenerating new skin. Pores take on average 2 to 3 weeks to regenerate fresh new skin.  
Acne is characterized by the excess build up of oils in the glands that were previously plugged with hair. This oil is called sebum and is produced naturally by the body to help aid in skin health. When the glands become enlarged, acne bumps are formed.

The longer the pores stayed clogged, the worse the condition becomes and pimples are formed to aid your body in releasing the oils. It is your body’s natural defense. Acne involves two different types of skin conditions, blackheads and whiteheads.

Acne usually materializes on a person’s face or neck, but can show itself anywhere on the person’s body. Acne can also cause a person’s skin to become inflamed and produces pimples or pustules.

It's about you What can you do about acne

Triggers of acne can be but are not limited to stress, a woman’s monthly hormone cycle, or reactions to certain things like facial creams, moisturizers or even shaving. ZENMED has a variety of treatments that can be used to treat all forms of acne.  
The symptoms of acne are all visible and are either inflammatory or non inflammatory. Non inflammatory acne is characterized as mild, due to that the patient primarily sees blackheads and whiteheads with the occasional pimple. Inflammatory is severe and can cause a patient to suffer from disfiguring cysts or scarring.  
Treatment for acne includes multiple steps to ensure that all of the dead skin cells are removed as well as unclogging the oil in the pores. Exfoliation is the first step in treatment. This step involved the removal of the oldest skin cells which are on the surface of the face. Not only does this process remove these cells, but it also fights again further build up. The next step is to even out the oil levels in the skin. Your body produces the oils naturally and it is important for your skin to have a healthy level. Balancing these out is the key.  
One of the most important steps is making sure that the face is clear of any debris that can cause further problems. Washing your face daily is required. The dirt and oil that is picked up throughout the day needs to be removed. Makeup is one of the main causative organisms that you need to rid your body of daily. Hormone surges also cause the body to produce more sebum.  
It is important to treat the condition correctly and quickly so to shorten the 2 to 3 week cycle and aid in the prevention of pimples and scarring. Acne is not curable, but it is manageable. Diet, coping with stress in effective ways, following a skin care regimen and just living a healthier life is important to the management.  
All of the products offered by ZENMED are naturally based and made with ingredients that help the bodies’ cell renewal process. ZENMED can help by combining products that are specific to patients’ needs.

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